Bachelor of Science In Computer Science and Engineering, Class of 2005.
Engineering Concentration in Artificial Intelligence; Humanities Concentration in Economics.
Wrote the full stack of the web app using Ruby on Rails, from PCI-compliant payment code to HTML/CSS/JS. Backend built on top of MySQL and Elasticsearch (Lucene). Designed and deployed infrastructure on AWS. Exploratory code written in Python with Numpy/SciPy and NLTK. Wrote Ruby/Rails and Objective-C code for the web app and iOS app respectively, used MongoDB to work with RSS articles. Released iPhone app onto app store. R code to perform statistical tests and analyses. Worked on a Ruby on Rails Facebook application with 20 million active users as a part of a small team. Development on everything from user-facing features to backend platform infrastructure. Designed and implemented a database sharding system to migrate a 600 million row table. Designed user experiences and managed the development of photography software for both client and web. Focused on social and metadata UI. Managed relationships with Fortune 500 companies. Delivered specifications for developers and testers, and managed teams of up to ten people to deliver on time. Researched, designed, and developed a C++ system to retrieve, clean, and analyze data for trading. Trained by MBA professors from U Chicago and Kellogg in investments, derivatives, and accounting. Researched and independently traded an equity portfolio worth $10mm. Developed a face-recognition authentication system for Linux mobiles in C++, integrating with Java and Python services. Ported it across languages and platforms, integrating just above camera drivers.
Two US patents granted for work done while at Microsoft.

Two US patent applications filed by Microsoft on my behalf for unannounced user interface features.

Timothy J. Hazen, Eugene Weinstein, Ryan Kabir, Alex Park and Bernd Heisele, "Multi-modal face and speaker identification on a handheld device," Proceedings of the Workshop on Multimodal User Authentication, pp. 113-120, Santa Barbara, California, December, 2003. (PDF)


Previous Experience

Computer Science

Computer Platforms


Currently learning
Ruby/Rails, Objective-C, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Elasticsearch (Lucene), MongoDB

Python, Support Vector Machines, Java, SWIG, Lisp, C/C++

Machine learning, algorithms, pervasive computing, system design

Ubuntu and Fedora Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows

Have designed and delivered presentations to large (100-1000+) audiences.

openFrameworks, node.js, Processing, Sugar
Hobbies: Writing productivity enhancing iPhone and web applications (Links here). Making electronic music. Reading science-fiction. Learning to play the bass guitar, skateboarding, and music theory.

Passions: The One Laptop Per Child project and its Sugar software, entrepreneurship, art and design, improving education, artificial intelligence in practice.