hi, i'm ryan kabir

i grew up on the east coast of canada, went to college at MIT in the boston area, and have worked in chicago, seattle, and san francisco at a variety of technology companies.
i now spend my time in dubai and canada, and am working on my second tech company.
i'm working on a few tools that help me think, read, and write better. i'm also working on a project to facilitate self-organization in society.
for more of my history, check out my resume.
i'm a dreamer: i'm an idealist. change is a necessary force of growth. just because something is the way it is doesn't mean that's the way it has to be.
for my ongoing writing, check out broadcast utopia
i am interested in how we think, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, interaction design, generative art, and electronic music among other things.
i think society is evolving into a hive-mind, and i like to converse with it via @rkabir on twitter.
i am working towards saving the world (whatever that might mean...)
if you want to talk, please email me at rkabir/gmail